Water & Rot Repair

Countless homes unknowingly suffer from rot due to wood being exposed to the elements. Doors, siding, windows, trim, decks, framing, and patios are just a few things that can be impacted by rot. Things like rain, sun, and wind can all help in the developing of a destructive fungus that damages wood and leads to dry rot. Exposure to moisture from things like rain, leaks, or even sprinklers can lead to rot quickly getting out of control.

Many times rot can extend beyond the visually impacted areas. Because it is a fungus, repairing the rot requires the impacted areas to be completely removed. After removal, adjacent surfaces will need to be treated with a fungicide. Missing a portion of the rot, or failing to treat surrounding surfaces will result in the rot quickly returning. I specialize in repairing water damage and rot of all shapes and sizes. With my years of experience I can isolate the cause of your rot and ensure it doesn’t create problems down the road. Let me help you keep your home healthy.

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